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gone viral after jimmy fallon's appearance. >>> and what job she has her eye on after her husband's final term in the white house. >>> 13 years ago, san jose voter as proved a bonds measure to build six new libraries and expand 14 existing branches. one of the libraries was finally open to the public. the city didn't have the money to operate and maintain it until now. hundreds came out for the baskin library ribbon cutting. community members see it as a hard-fought long awaited opening. >> we have been waiting so long for the library and gym to open. it is a wonderful location, so, yeah, we're really excited. >> three other new libraries have been moth balled. city leaders say there still isn't enough money to operate them. >>> people braved the cold in costumes to take the dip in icy water. >> more than 1,000 people took part in the polar plunge in support of the special olympics. the funds raised help provide one full season of sports instruction and competition for special olympics concept. >> very cool concept, way too cold for me. >> cold concept. >> absolutely. >>> a little
, of course, is jimmy fallon. the first lady's evolution of mom dancing with jimmy fallon. that's tonight in the "sideshow." and this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> another scandal in the roman catholic church. cardinal keith o'brien, the highest ranking church official in great britain, has been accused of improper conduct with priests. cardinal o'brien, who is retiring this year, says he will skip the conclave in rome to elect the next pope because he doesn't want to be the center of the media's attention. as the church gets out there to pick someone to lead it into the future, it now has another reminder of the worst part of its recent past. terrible news. we'll be right back. once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never go back to a regular manual brush. its three cleaning zones with dynamic power bristles reach between teeth with more brush movements to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. and even 76% more plaque than sonicare flexcare in hard to reach areas. oral-b deep sweep 5000 power brush. life opens up when you do. there's no su
on thursday and friday. >> denied jay leno and jimmy fallon give us what to expect -- tonight's jay leno and jimmy fallon give us what to expect. >> seth macfarlane and jenna elfman from 1600 penn. music from nora jones. >> jason schwartman is my guest and kerri russell. >> friday, february 8. the jackpot is estimated at $11. let's see if we can make a millionaire. 20, 39, 15, 50, 6. mega ball -- 5. if no, one matches no tuesday to be $30 the average 95 in the playoff games this year -- will the ravens pay the wide receiver $6 million? we do not know. but if the ravens cut him, he says he will retire. numerous reports say les miles will hire cameron to be his offensive coordinator. [indiscernible] good news. always suffered a mild knee sprain -- only suffered a mild knee sprain. he established himself as a dominant force on the ravens defense. playing host to cnn tonight -- to sienna. goes the other way. sienna hung awhile. [indiscernible] bobby ocean. alleyoop. loyola wins 63-51. winston salem. .th ranked maryland visiting a steal. the acc player of the eyar taking care of the rest -- o
michelle obama created a memorable video with jimmy fallon. i know the moves. jimmy fallon dressed up like a mom and put on the evolution of mom dancing with mrs. obama. one thing is for sure, shes that moves. >> well, coming up, a cheer leader in the national spotlight. we will show you what she did. stay with us. >> okay, when someone makes a half court shot? basketball, it's usually amazing. but this shot did not come from a player, took a look is she a cheer leader? yes. see what she just did? she like flipped around and did all sorts of stuff. it's at william carry university. she did a front hand spring. and then lobbed the ball into the basket. that is amazing. she is a 21-year-old nursing student, she has tried that shot repeatedly. it's never worked and then all of a sudden during halftime. she did it. what was that? a front hand pringle. right there. here we go. and a ball gone. that is amazing. it's impressive. >> she needs the car. she needs to win a car for that. >> and the million bucks that comes with it. >> temperatures in the low 50s. you want to take your jacket. marine c
's move campaign. >> that is what michelle obama did when she met with jimmy fallon. she did the evolution of mom dancing. the clip was posted on twitter ahead the show. she cannot wait to show america this segment. you can watch the dance routine at 12:30. i think mrs. obama looks great. jimmy fallon should not get a sex change operation. he does not look good. >> have a good weekend. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from nbc news, meredith vieira, film critic richard roeper, the music of thenewno2 and "
night with jimmy fallon" and how she created the president's dance moves. >>> plus, hoping our saturday clouds will give way to some sunday sun. chuck's back to tell us about chuck's back to tell us about what could bemy bad. tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. nope, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. [ normal voice ] same agent and everything. it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no, we're not. ♪ ask an allstate agent about the value plan. are you in good hands? >>> violent night in the district left two people dead in two unrelated shootings. one of them in the 300 block of livingston terrace. damon brown was found shot in the head. no word on any suspects or a motive. the other deadly shooting happened just a couple hours earlier in northwest. a man shot multiple times less than a block from the busy u street corridor. d
kerley. >> reporter: the first lady has gone viral. mrs. obama joined a dressed in drag jimmy fallon for what he called the evolution of mom dancing. yes, go shopping, get groceries, raising the roof, even a bit of hip bumping. first ladies have a room to move. the first lady is dancing to promote her battle against childhood obesity, called let's move. >> things like go outside, throw a ball, doing a little dancing, you can really make some significant improvements with small changes. >> reporter: after dancing with the first lady, jimmy fallon, learned mrs. obama has a quick wit. >> i said it here first, dream team michelle and hillary '16. what do you think? >> you know, i have my eye actually on another job. and i hear that when jay leno retires. >> reporter: even fallon knows when to call it quits as the first lady does the dougie. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> michelle obama a far cry from sara polk who was the first lady in 1940s. >>> that's "world news" for this saturday. we're always online at for david muir and all of us at abc, thank you for watching.
dresser there on the left of course is jimmy fallon. the first lady's evolution of mom dancing with jimmy fallon. that's tonight in the "sideshow." and this is "hardball," the place for politics. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we've shared what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. bp's also committed to america. we support nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. >>> finally in case you didn't place for politics. [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never want to go back. >>> finally in case you didn't place for politics. to remove up to 76% more plaque than sonic in hard to reach areas. oral-b deep sweep 5000 power brush. >>> another scandal in the roman catholic church. cardinal keith e brine, the highest ranking church official in great britain has been accused of imp
and jimmy fallon have some special messages to the ravens. >> we have a fun show tonight. >> ravens fans, i have jason bateman. thank you notes. good luck on sunday. >> they do more than compete. they share, too. we continue our live coverage leading up to super bowl xlvii. sports is next, live from new orleans. >> denied jackpot is an estimated $13 million -- tonight's jackpot is an estimated $13 million. let's see if we can make you a millionaire. our first number is 41, 1, 32, 30, 40. megaball is 17. >> the fund has kicked into gear as super bowl weekend finally arrives in new orleans. earlier today, nfl commissioner addressing the state of the game in his annual press conference. addressing issues that are anything but fun. hgh testing, elite still does not test for -- the league does not test for hgh. the commissioner is still sounding somewhat vague on the timeline to begin testing. >> we did agreed to hgh testing. we agreed to a neutral arbitration for drug cases. we will do that as soon as we reach agreement on hgh. which i expect to be very soon. we have moved down that path. >> i
be gone by the weekend. >> need a laugh? [laughter] >> yes, kate. >> tonight jay leno and jimmy fallon give us a rundown of. what to of >> josh duhamel and katryn b igelow from "zero dark thiry" and lianne la havas. >> justin bieber is here and naomi campbell tonight on late- night. >> everybody loves a parade. it does not get much bigger or better than the one today in baltimore. joe flacco is the toast of the town. >> mega jackpot. is $19's jackpot million. 44, 26, 10, 5, 2. mega ball is 46. if no one matches, friday could be worth >> 11 sports. >> of the 11 teams that have won 11 super bowls, only one has been in existence for less than 40 years. that is the ravens. hopefully there are more operates to come. in celebration like no other. m&t bank stadium overflowed with so many fans. what a day it was for every player, coach, and fans. perhaps no one was enjoying it more than quarterback joe flacco loose silence the critics with his play in the postseason capped off by his mvp before month in the superbowl. perhaps the highlight of the day, ray lewis on to the field. an incredible w
through. bouncing back to the 40's on sunday. >> tonight jay leno and jimmy fallon give us a rundown on what to expect. >> the beautiful actress amy adams. and adam corolla. tonight, al roker. a great show tonight after jay leno. plan onravens don't copying and pasting this season's roster of to next season. >> tonight's jackpot is estimated at $600,000. 8 and 35. 28, if no one matches all number, the jackpot climbs to six and a $25,000. -- $625,000. >> the ravens quarterback -- they know they will not get their free agents resigned. the head coach, president, outlined their approach to the future. it will not repeat the strategy of 2000 when the mortgage the future after the super bowl to try to keep the team together. some free agents will not return because the ravens cannot afford to keep them. consistency comes to depart by not thinking you can hold on to every player from the previous season. >> >> absolutely maybe. we have to work out. where and how long it takes. but i think he set himself apart in baltimore sports history and we will certainly look into it. i would not be su
tuesday of next week. >> from what i'm seeing on twitter, the first lady is on jimmy fallon. >> also we will have him give us a rundown on what to expect in late night. >> meredith viera and we go jaywalking. >> the first lady of the united states, michelle obama, is my guess. plus scarlet johanson. it is a great scope -- great show. it is friday, febrardy 22nd. $20ght's jackpot is million. 13, 38, 9, 49, 24. mega ball is 30. if no one wins, tuesday could be $13 million./ ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >> now 11 sports. >> a big weekend ahead for the ravens. diving into early contract talks of joe flacco's agent. the ravens have until march 3 to complete a deal to avoid having to use one of the two franchise tax on flacco. the retirement of ray lewis makes 59 the team's number 2 priority behind flacco. now matt birk is retiring. he says he has known for some time he would retire. the center mid the official announcement during a visit to an elementary school today. -- made the official
. >> of course. >> don't look at me. i think jimmy fallon would be an awesome host. >> he would be amazing. jimmy kimmel too. >> from some other network. jimmy kimmel is great. i think seth mcfarland was okay. he didn't hit it out of the ballpark for me. he probably has it in him to. >> can you imagine? that's like the toughest job in the world. >> you can't -- yeah. everyone is going to criticize you no matter what. >> he is a great singer, though. >> i thought he nailed that. >> yeah. >> jimmy fallon, speaking of him for just a second, he did this funny bit. he always does the evolution of, like, rap with justin timberlake. he decided to do the evolution of mom dancing with the first lady. you guys, this is genius. let's watch. ♪ ♪ >> the bump. >> i showed her that. >> this is a good one. the sprinkler is one that everybody knows. this is the worst one. the happy snapper. come on. ♪ >> do they do the shopping cart? >> that's coming up. >> oh, the dougie. come on, girl. i love it. come on. i love it. >> she was busy, and then the next 48 hours later she's giving out -- >> yes. giving out a
. michelle obama shows off her lighter side as she busts a move with jimmy fallon. and she's proving she knows how to get a big laugh. today, saturday, february 23, to get a big laugh. today, saturday, february 23, 2013. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill. how about the first lady with the moves there. >> great moves. jimmy fallon -- who did we thought he looked like? >> there was discussion in the studio that jimmy fallon was looking a little tina fey-esque. >> nice to have the first lady in the building for that. >> yes. >> there's a little of the performance. it looks like they had time to rehearse this. >> the evolution of the mom dancing. >> from "pulp fiction." >>> meantime, we have serious news including oscar pistorius, the former olympian spending his first full day free bail today. we'll look at what's next for him as he prepares to face murder charges in the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. >>> and lance armstrong facing a new legal challenge this morn
on "jimmy fallon" which i'll show everybody because she was pretty darn good, right. >> look at that. >> she's good. good shoes she's got. and her approval rating is 73%. >> okay. >> swafrs her husband's at 52%. so is oscar smart? a billion people are watching? >> there's a big difference between the jimmy fallon thing and the oscars. the jimmy fallon, the consumer at home gets to vote and say i want to tune you in. i want to introduce politics to my entertainment. when you're sitting at home and watching the oscars, watching entertainment, watching movie stars, i didn't invite you in. forget whether you're a democrat or a republican, it is presumptive and disrespectful to say, here i am. i wanted to see more jack nicholson. to me, it was a tone deaf quality, and an elitist quality, which we never hear with the obamas, to say i'm going to come into your entertainment space without being invited. clinton changed the math when he went on orsarsenio. there's a clear and wonderful blurring between entertainment and politics and information, but the viewer gets to choose when they want to blur. t
that another obama is become ago full fledged celebrity. the past week she's been seen on jimmy fallon's late night show, and on good morning america with robin roberts and big bird with a psa and dr. oz in an interfew that will air later this week. critics are warning that the first lady is overexposed and my next guest after seeing michelle obama dancing on jimmy fallon's late night show made a video lampooning the appearance. here is michelle malkin like you've never seen her before. watch this. ♪ ♪ >> all right. as you can imagine. liberals were not happy with that video. here to tell us what prompted her to make it, michelle malkin herself. all right, i've never seen. here we go. i've never seen that side of you, i liked it. >> you haven't? well, people need to pay attention. well, thanks, sean, i've had a lot of fun with it and the more fun that conservatives can show, the matter and the moore hate filled the liberal left gets and you wouldn't believe, although you probably would believe the amount of vitriol that this silly video that i did in my basement caused. and andrew sulliv
with jimmy fallon." the dancing took place before the first lady's interview with fallon which focused on her "let's move" campaign against childhood obesity. when asked by the host to grade the president's dance moves, mrs. obama gave him a "b." >>> the jersey worn by the captain of the u.s. olympic hockey team which won the so-called miracle on ice went up for auction. the game took place in the 1980 winter games and is widely considered one of the greatest sporting events ever played. the mostly amateur team usa beat a dominant russian squad 4-3 before going on to win cold. the jersey is expected to win at least $1 million. >>> at least one midwestern resident enjoyed the terrible weather that region has seen this past week. berlin the bear. appeared to have a grand old time frolicking around in the snow like a puppy. berlin is being housed at a zoo in kansas city because her normal home in duluth is flooded. >>> from the music world a sad note to report about the passing of a one-time member of the temptations. ♪ >> otis harris sang the lead on the 1972 hit "papa was a rolling st
on "late night with jimmy fallon." after the shot he shot hoops with the mannequin head. >>> david beckham is running all over town in his underwear. it's his new sexy commercial for h&m. becks runs after a range rover that snags his bathrobe and then more of his clothes get ripped off and yes that's his own son. proof nobody bends it like beckham. >>> and speaking of stripping down, check out jennifer love hewitt doing a sexy strip tease. ♪ jennifer dances in lingerie in a music video from moting the second season of her lifetime tv show "the client list." >>> and could hillary clinton be getting ready for a white house run? that's what speculation after she glammed up the website with a fresh new head shot. you look good hill is the headline in the "new york daily news." >>> rarely does a person find that one in a million guy or gal who looks just like them. these people found their lookalikes and have become friends. >> believe it or not, these aren't twins. they're not even related. these are friends who just happen to look like each other. they say everyone has someone who looks jus
on jimmy fallon. >> congrats on winning the super bowl. [applause] >> coming up, whether or not kill flateau was surprised. one final incredible moment on the super dome field you do not . . >> coming to you one last time from new orleans. they have packed up and headed back to baltimore. thinking about what the raven's accomplished in super bowl 47. the story lines played out very well. we saw ray lewis's last friday, the power of the game ending with him getting the job done defensively with his teammates around. we saw john and brace his brother after the game. an incredibly emotional moment, one that proved to be much harder than he thought it would be. frustration and in fact, devastation to watch his brother jim know he just lost a symbol. joe flak: mvp honors. he put together one of the greatest postseason runs in nfl history. 11 touchdown passes, zero interceptions. they were underdogs in their final three games. none of that matter. he led the team to victory. he was named super bowl 47 ndp. he was asked whether or not that was a surprise to him. >> i do not know if i was sh
to jimmy fallon. >> take a look. >> here we go. c'mon. go for it. any one of the bolws. tehre you go -- bowls. there you go. you can do it. oh, my -- the ravens! my goodness! we have a super bowl winner. >> i guess it is official. we have much more coverage on our website. jennifer franciotti takes a tour of new orleans. >> ed reed grew up just outside the big easy. lowell melser talks with his mom and teachers. >> just click on ravens on our website. 5:50. 30 degrees at the airport. >> good morning. things are not looking too terrible. we have closures in a couple of spots. 648 at nursery road because of high water. looking good on 95 towards the beltway. along the j.f.x., we are looking good. 54 on the j.f.x. at northern parkway. the harrisburg expressway is looking good. this is 70 and 29. you should not find any problems. >> good morning. we have had a few flurries around the city but no major accumulations. in annapolis, the temperature is 33 degrees with light snow shower activity. light snow this morning. high temperature about 37 degrees. most of the major destinations look d
arrive next tuesday. >> jimmy fallon predicts who will win the super bowl using the puppy predictor. >> there you go. go for it. any one. there you go. he went back. you can do it. take it. uh oh. the ravens! >> that's right, the ravens are gonna win. look, it looks like it will be a shut out from the looks of it. >> now you understand the meaning of the phrase every dog has his day. if joe flacco plays like a big dog on sunday, he will have quite an unpaid day. >> the jackpot has at an estimated annuity of $550,000. 35, 30, 27, 22, 43, 41. if no one match is the numbers, the multi matched jackpot is $650,000. next drawing is monday night at 11:22. >> now, 11 sports. >> interesting intersection of attention here in new orleans. fans have fled into the city today. they are ready to party. from now on, it is of football for the players. today they finished their media obligations. what it turned out for the press conference for joe flacco. not quite as they as beyonce's but you would have thought it was the state of the union address. he is in a good state emotionally and sued financi
. a chance for rain on monday. >> it is not time to sleep just yet. >> j-lo and jimmy fallon gives us the rundown on what to expect. >> sports is next. >> this is powerball. $217.20s jackpot is million. i hope you got this ticket. it is time to play some powerball. the first number is 36. after that, 38. we're heading to kentucky to meet alex parker. he might use it for graduate school. next is 5. 27. rounding it out with 41. the winning powerball #. maps this and you're always a winner. .t is 12 preadapted ba have a great >> that is a challenging season in maryland. they included a four-star of -- recruit. = and malik jones next season. a signing prospect of ray lewis iii. he signed his letter of intent to play college basketball at the university of miami. >> he olive said he was going to go to the university of miami. to see it come true today, or is no greater reward as a father to be there right next to his side. >> it did not take long to turn around the basketball program. the tigers reached the first week of february with a winning record for the first time in 17 years. a lops
campaign let's move. on jimmy fallon, sharing a moment with big bird. >> eating healthy is easy and it's fun and delicious, too. >> reporter: and talking hairdos with rachel ray. >> this is my midlife crisis, the bangs. >> reporter: it's all part of a carefully crafted pr plan. >> it's almost as if her real strategy is a charm offensive that's been intended to build support for her husband's initiatives. >> reporter: michelle obama is working with her team to develop a second-term agenda, something all first ladies must contend with. >> the difference between a first term and a second term really is the fact that you've got your grounding. and all of the lessons learned of a first term now you can pick up and have the freedom to really act. >> reporter: so will the harvard educated lawyer take on more policy heavy goals in the next four years? >> she never wants to distract from her husband's agenda. it's possible she might address tougher, more controversial issues but i do not believe, based on what aides have told me, that she would do it if she thought she was going to cause a dist
. >> late night talk show host jimmy fallon and michelle obama paid tribute to mothers everywhere. they performed an evolution of mom dancing on the show. the first lady was there to promote her let's move campaign and did popular mom dances like raise the roof, the hip bump and sprinkler. and show surprised fallon and did the doggy. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody. you know what, while we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded big bites of premium breast meat, seasoned in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. [ son ] dad? [ male announcer ] today tastes so good. . >> the movie argo entertained at the box office and educated a lot of people about the aspect of the hostage crisis that was top secret, classified for years. some of those held hostage came home to live in our area and live here today
obama is celebrating the third anniversary of her let's move campaign with a stop at jimmy fallon's show. mrs. obama started doing the dougie. ♪ ♪ >> she's got some moves, doesn't she? you can see all the dancing, and there's a lot more of it, and the rest of the first lady's visit to the late night show right after "the tonight show." >> lessons from her daughters. >> what are they thinking? >> so more iciness tonight? >> exactly. there's not much falling from the sky, but there is changes taking place out there that you'll want to know about. if you're headed out tonight or early tomorrow, use some caution getting around. not seeing any widespread issues, but elevated surfaces, bridges, overpasses, even when you walk out, there could be some slick spots on your steps and driveway. so take it easy if you're headed out tomorrow morning. all the areas shaded in purple, d.c., fairfax, an run dell county, that goes until 6:00 a.m. we're at 34 degrees. southeast wind at 3 miles per hour. so a light wind, allowing that temperature to drop, and it is below freezing just to the north and we
's popping up all over the internet. jimmy fallon had it last night. this usually starts off with one person. that's when the base kicks in and everybody else joins in with a variety of costumes. >> we should try that at 11. >> the harlem shake. >>> they already wear helmets, do girl a cross play pers need them. >>> preschool can be great for the development of a child but it comes at a hefty price. the plan to, and preschool programs. >> if your iphone it password protected, that might not be good u.n. the security flaw that -- good enough. >> a nice day to take out your sweetheart. we'll talk about how things change friday night into early saturday. we got the details straight ahead. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers, thousands of qualified technicians, and a personal passion to help protect your business. when your business is optimized like that, there's no stopping you. we are tyco integrat
. that is not all she's been up to. dancing like beyonce with jimmy fallon. giving away the oscar for best picture. personally i would have gone with winning an oscar. you know, it's on my list. >> jon: if this were true shouldn't they be warning the entire country about this >> reporter: yeah because this administration is all about transparency. they want us to know everything. benghazi, drones. that room in the white house basement that is full of biden clones. >> jon: biden clones? forget it. what about the republicans? they have to know about this. why aren't they going bucket list crazy >> reporter: you mean willfully blocking all the president's ideas. come on, jon. he even went on a state of the union dream date with ted nugent. that is their bucket list. they just haven't updated it in half a century. getting their baseball gloves signed by herman killbrew is still on there >> jon: that won't happen. just out of curiosity what's next on your bucket list >> reporter: not talking to you, that's for sure. if you excuse me i am off to shoot a panda with a cross bow. >> jon: your dying dream i
of this. now he's clean and sober. >> first lady danced with jimmy fallon. is this proper behavior for a first lady? >> you know, trying to get through a benghazi cover-up -- this is ridiculous. first of all, if you watch the clip, fabulous dancer. jimmy fallon looks like a '70s guy. but she can really dance. i think it was a lot of fun. and some people on the right will be upset with anything michelle obama does or anyone named obama does. that's life. get over it. >> dean, it was fun. i love that she did the sprinkler. >> i'm not fighting on this. have a sense of humor. >> thank you, dean. >>> another story we have coming up, a cheerleader with some moves of her own. find out what made the money shot. that's next. don't show it, don't show it. ur? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. every signature is unique, and every fingerprint unrepeatable. at sleep number, we recognize the in
it friday night, this is the first lady on "late night with jimmy fallon" performing the evolution of mom dancing. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> put a ring on it. >> meredith, any of these dances look familiar to you from any recent family gatherings? >> you're very funny, willie. >> i'm just asking a question. i'm a journalist. i'm asking questions. >> it would have been better had she done this at the inaugural ball. that would have been great. >> actually, the leno show did something like that. they had -- >> how about jimmy fallon? he kind of looks like a cute girl is all i'm going to say. >> wow! i think you have to define cute girl. >> driving the station wagon. >> i like the botched electric slide. no one ever does it correctly. here it is, the out of sync electric slide. hits close to home. so that's the first lady on friday night. fast forward about 48 hours. last night she makes a surprise cameo at the oscars to help jack nicholson present the award for best picture as it went to "argo." we showed you some of ben affleck before. a lot of people surprised to see the first lady as well. >> every
to be everywhere lately, from opening the envelope on the oscars to dancing with jimmy fallon. leaving people wondering what she has planned for the next four years in the white house. here is kristen welker. >> people are still buzzing about michelle obama's oscar finale that no one saw coming. >> and the oscar goes to -- "argo." >> even an iranian news agency covered it but photo shopped sleeves and a higher neckline to follow the country's strict dress rules for women. in this country, conservative columnist jennifer ruben is critical, writing the oscar appearance made the white house and first lady seem small. >> there is a sense of going too far and too much and becoming so ubiqutous that people don't consider you something special. she's not a hollywood celebrity. >> white house officials wouldn't respond but note most of her recent paerpss have been focused on let's move. the first lady has been popping up all over the place lately, on jimmy fallon, sharing a moment with big bird. >> eating healthy is easy. and it's fun and delicious, too. >> and talking hairdos with rachel ray. >> thi
a lot of things. she did a great thing with jimmy fallon, i thought, the history of mom dance. i'll never do that again but that's what she did. then she was at the academy awards sunday night presenting the best picture award. now, some people have started to say this is not what they want to be seeing from the first lady of the united states. how do you guys feel about this? >> i couldn't agree more. she was what i call an uninvited guest. when politicians show up on entertainment shows like fallon, we, the viewers, get to decide whether we want to engage in a politician. she showed up in the two-minute warning effect, at the point where maybe i want more jack nicholson. there was an asumptive elitist quality to it. >> the jimmy fallon, you don't have a problem with it? >> i can choose whether i want to watch that. >> you can choose whether you want to watch the oscars. >> no, no, no. i want to know who won best picture. three out of four americans will tell you, i don't want a politician's wife there at that point. >> i just want to know if "argo" won. i could care less who is
off a let's move initiative visiting jimmy fallon. >> there is mrs. obama and jimmy fallon doing some mom moves. they talked about her and the president's date nights. how can i read this and watch this and be all serious. what kind of music she and the girls listen to. i know. what sort of reality tv -- what is this one? >> the sprinkler. >> yeah. >> is that what it's called? >> my cousin rocks that one. she taught it to me. >> why don't you just -- you should label all the moves. this one. this is the sprinkler. >> still the sprinkler. >> and then right back. >> i am so 1988. >> wait, that's our move. that's our move right there. >> i want to say hello to dylan dreyer. back with the rest of the national forecast. >> not doing moves. the roger rabbit, all out of my repertoire. big storms across the country. heavy rain across the southeast will turn into snow in the northeast. especially interior new england. 3 to 6 inches of snow. 9 in highest elevations and another storm moving through the rockies and approaching the midwest. early next week, another foot of snow is possible an
announcer ] hold packages at any fedex office location. >> ryan seacrest, jimmy fallon and even jermaine jackson all hash it out tonight. is ryan seacrest keeping a secret about his personal life, marriage a baby? this photo is stirring lots of buzz, what's up with the child's car seat? well, sea crest put an end to the speculation, this is what came with the f-ford fusion we're using for red carpet season, very funny@ford. do you believe in ghosts? you might if you check out the abc news headline. a new service will let you tweet when you're dead. it works by analyzing your current tweets and learning your likes and syntax and generate its own tweets acting as your ghosts and while you're still leaving you can provide feedback. then the service will tweet for you after you're gone. the service launches next month. and a new mexico teen is lucky to be alive. capturing his four-story fall from a mountain ski lift. he was throwing a snowball at his friend when he fell. the good news, tweets teen okay after ski lift tumble. we suspect the teen learned a lesson in this and big, big news with
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